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Monday, October 17, 2011

Facebook update

So, I went ahead and paid for a FB ad on Friday; so here's an update. I received 48 clicks directly to my website and spent $15.01 of my $98 budget. The ad reached 45,508 viewers out of 4.5 million. My son read my ad and said it was misleading and convinced me to change it. He said it sounded like I was selling a how-to guide to teenage girls. He also convinced me to increase my demographic from only high school girls ages 14-17 to include male and female, college and high school ages 13-18 and my demographic went from over 300 thousand to 4.5 million. Here's a new learned crumb of information; I did't know I could change the bid per click depending on the volume of clicks I was getting. The original bid was for .41 per click by Sunday morning when the volume of viewers increased and my suggested bid went down to .23 per click so I reduced it to .25 per click. But the funny thing, the number of clicks have slowed down so now I'm thinking to play around with the bid and increase it to say .35 per click and see what happens. My goal is conservative, I was hoping for at least one sale but reading online articles on marketing says that a person has to see an ad an average of 7 times before making a purchase, so my 1 sale goal may be too ambitious. Keep ya posted.


  1. Good luck with your experiment!

    Morgan Mandel

  2. Congrats on your first FB ad campaign! :-)

    I tested FB advertising with a few of my books. The one that I was most pleased with was "How to Get ANY MAN to do ANYTHING You Want!" (which, coincidentally, *is* a how-to book for girls).

    Okay, so the results of my 6-week experiment was no visible increase in sales (I have the luxury of several years of sales history on these books) but I did garner 3 million ad views for just under $300 by being judicious on how much I bid per click. At $1.00 per click you will get upwards of 100-300,00 views a day targeting females 17-35 (or so) and less if you demand tehy went to college, and so on with other restrictions. It is a balance of selecting your target audience (no sense garnering useless clicks--those things cost money!) and creating enough mass exposure to brand yourself. I used my book titles in the ads. That was (a) not misleading at all, (b) highly effective in preparing the person who clicks for what they were about to see, and (c) got the name of my book(s) and a short advertisement in front of over 3 million sets of eyeballs. The long term value of this was worth $300 to me even though I have no definitive proof of ROI ()financial "return on investment").

    I think you should continue to do this. Test outr ddifferent ads against each other. Your 25 cent per click bid is great if you can get people seeing it. The price will vary depending on how much your competition is willing to spend at that particular moment. Go for the days when they are busy spending their money somewhere else so you can get more ads for less clicks (and thus less money spent). I wouldn't expect a lot of book sales from FB ads, but it does help if you have a landing page (a special page that people go to ("land on") after they click--this would not be your website's home page. Anyway, hope this helps and GOOD LUCK! :-)