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I'm documenting the marketing for my YA book series "The chick friends rules". I want to see which marketing strategies will work best in creating buzz and hopefully income. So, sign up below and take the journey with me.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You go girl

I'm bold enough to believe that I might actually pull this book marketing thing off. I just got the good news from book blogger Tawni of the Book worms that she will agree to post a giveaway of my first book in the Chick friends rules series, Freshman year. Now, I'll have four bloggers agreeing to run an interview or a giveaway simultaneously. And four blogger agreeing to a review. I know that doesn't sound like a large number but considering I'm only two weeks into the marketing process, I think I'm going in the right direction. Because I'm with a very tiny, tiny, did I say tiny publisher most of the marketing falls in my lap. One thing I've learned is that an author/writer/publisher can't successfully market a book without the help of book bloggers, they provide an invaluable service to writers.  My prediction is with their help; within a year I would have generated some buzz in the YA community. If I could I would send them all an Edible Arrangements but since I'm with a tiny, tiny, did I say tiny publisher a big fat wet, juicy internet kiss will have to do.

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