What's the point of this blog!

I'm documenting the marketing for my YA book series "The chick friends rules". I want to see which marketing strategies will work best in creating buzz and hopefully income. So, sign up below and take the journey with me.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I started this blog because it's cheaper than a website. And that's the honest to goodness truth. I'm in the humbling process of marketing my book series; The chick friends rules. I've been blogging to YA book review bloggers and gosh darnit some of them are asking for an authors website, well, I have a website for the book; thechickfriendsrules.com but I don't have an authors website. And I'm thinking "is that what I need to become a successful author?" Well, here goes my cheap version of an authors website, this blog!!!
I feel like that old couple on Youtube clumsily trying to figure out how to work the video on their laptop not realizing they've been recording themselves all along.  So, bare along potential readers, bloggers and reviewers, I'll figure it out and maybe share some stories along the way cause that's what propelled this journey so, let's see where it goes.

p.s. I want to post this but I don't have any cool pictures yet. Should I do it, uhhh, okay, I'm gonna close one eye and push the publish button now.


  1. Free: Shelfari; Goodreads; Twitter. Author Page along with personal Facebook page. MySpace, Tumblr, Wordpress. You can link most of these together, so you only need to post on one site and have the rest update. Link comments to your e-mail so you know when you need to check a site to respond. Other than that, it's maintenance to pretty things up. Better wake your friend up earlier. They'll be busy! lol

  2. Thanks for being my #1 guest. That makes you special. And I'm liking the social media advice. I think you just gave me an idea for my next post.