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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Giveaway site

Hey ladies and gents,

I stumbled on this giveaway site that I would like to share. It's called Free Book Friday at http://www.freebookfriday.com/

Authors have the option of purchasing their own giveaway date for a small fee or being put on a free "wait list" for a giveaway date at the discretion of the website owners. Since I'm all about free,I put my name on the "wait list". As a part of the application process, I had to select and answer from a list of interview questions and give basic information about my book,"The chick friends rules, freshman year". They also asked how many copies of the book I wanted to giveaway. I pressed send and waited. I received an email about 3 days later telling me of a giveaway opening the week of January 22nd. But then, I received another email this past Thursday saying someone dropped out of the giveaway and they had an opening for this week. My book will be displayed for this week only as the "feature teen book of the week", after which I have to ante up and mail the books to the winners.

Just a note, I checked the website and I didn't see any "comments" under my book, so I'm not sure how the traffic is although the website is claiming 25,000 views per month. I'll keep you posted

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  1. Vici, thanks for sharing with us. Here's an important tip - don't forget to leave a comment on the site, thanking the person hosting you or running the free book giveaways - and when you do, check that box that says receive followup comments via email so that you know when folks have left a comment on that particular posting. Also, when you do leave a comment - make sure your signature line has all the information - your blog, your website, et cetera.

    My feeling is this - if the posting is interesting enough for me to comment on then I'm also interested in learning what other folks think on that particular topic, so I always try to make sure I can follow the comments some how so that I can go back and add something else to someone else's comments or to the posting in general - you'd be surprised how many great conversations can come from checking the receive followup comments via email box - lol. (PS - yes each posting of yours I've commented on I've checked the box so I know when you comment on the comments).

    It's a good article. I will probably sign up to do a giveaway. Out of curiosity - how many books are you planning on giving away there? I'm debating on a number right now - but will make contact later this week - I definitely don't want to do any more these next few weeks. (We need to build some traffic, i.e., followers on your blog - I only see 18 showing as followers but you may have more subscribed to receive your email). Anyway, I'll probably contact her Friday after I've had a chance to breathe a bit - see you in the postings - E :)

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