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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Beating the deadline.

I have missed blogging to my fellow indie writer friends. I've been frantically trying to beat a December 30th deadline for the release of the final novel in the "Chick friends rules" series; senior year. I was able to get out junior year this past weekend and I'm at the half way mark for senior year. I thought I was ready to push the "upload" button but after reading it, I didn't like most of it so, I'm rewriting. Don't you hate that part?
Oh, before I forget; I have some wonderful news, when I went to upload junior year on Amazon I saw that I sold 8 copies of my books with in one week. And 3 books on B&N. However, I don't know why they all sold in that particular week,(head-scratcher). Maybe the blog giveaways are finally paying off because its the only thing I've been doing consistently for two months. Apparently the word of mouth machine is starting to stir and I am so grateful. I was dancing around my family room as if I sold 800 books. I know its only 8 books but I'll take any little victory. It was just the shot in the arm I needed. I'm pumped.

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